Sunday 5.22.11

Rapture, huh?

Well, the end of the world did not come yesterday as was predicted by Family Radio’s Geezerly nut job Harold Camping. At least I’m unaware that I’m left here to suffer through Armageddon. It was interesting to hear about it. Lots of people jokingly speculated on what they would or should do on the last day. I was really looking forward to seeing a bunch of naked people flying skyward.

A couple of other interesting things occurred to me though. Some people took this seriously. Really. I wonder if they are relieved or disappointed today. One guy, this Harold Camping makes the news with his prediction and for about 5 minutes some of us wondered “what if”…

Which got me thinking about how silly we are sometimes. It also got me thinking about the recent Donald Trump “maybe I’m going to run for president” thing. Some people actually took that guy seriously. He was completely fucking with everyone. Why? To boost ratings on his NBC fake reality show? Does he need the money? Does he need the attention? Maybe he just likes to fuck with people.

Thing is, a lot of people took him seriously. He was (for a few days) a serious contender for the GOP nomination according to the polls. What does that mean? It means that a percentage of people with the ability to vote would have actually voted for Donald Trump. Why? Because he was in your face on the news? Because he sounds like a guy that takes no shit from anyone and can get things done (long form birth certificate)?

Well, we really get things done by shooting Bin Laden in the eye and chucking him into the ocean and Mr. Trump pulls out. Pulls out. Jerk, you were just fucking with us anyway.

But here’s the next part and your own Armageddon… Someone else IS going to run for president. Someone else will assemble a mass of talking points and/or just go after the current administration… get in your face on the TV news programs and make it appear s if they know what they are talking about. You might believe them. You may begin to doubt the current administration. It will seem reasonable to you.

But are you doing your OWN research on that person? I mean really. Are you looking at whatever record they have? How did they vote on things? What is their history? Most of whatever you need to know is out there on the web. Look it up.

I spent my last day on earth tying up a model. Seemed reasonable.

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