Thursday 5.26.11


You little pricks. Whoever you are.

When I walked out this morning, I noticed a blue-ish blob on the gas tank opening on my white truck. At first, it kind of looked like the result of when a bird eats berries and poops on your stuff. Then I thought that it was kind of early for berries. Closer examination resulted in my discovery that someone had sprayed a little spot of spray paint on the truck. It was all I noticed, I thought wtf and went to work where I cleaned it off.

When I went home for lunch, I noticed that the neighbor’s cube van truck thing had a squiggly blue line sprayed completely around the vehicle. Again, wtf entered my mind. I wondered if I had really looked closely at my truck and then found that the vandal had also spray painted the outside of one of my mirrors blue.

Our car was also parked in the street. I took a look at that and it did not seem to have paint on it. I should probably take a closer look as our car is also dark blue, like the paint. Maybe I did not notice it.

I ate lunch, went back to work and cleaned off the mirror.

When I went home this evening, my wife told me that the police had been there and asked if we were missing a GPS. She looked and sure enough, it was gone. They had somehow recovered it and I suppose they figured it was ours because when you set it for “home” it goes to our address.

That’s about all I know about it so far.


That previous account was one that I sent to one of the models I’ve shot in the past. We were discussing a possible future shoot and catching up on how things have been… it has been a while since Trinity was here. This is Trinity:


Update: more email discussions…

Just got back from the police department. After our little vandalism thing yesterday morning I was curious and wanted some info. I love it when I get vandalized and things are taken from vehicles and when I want to know anything about it – I get treated like the suspicious one.

They had asked if we wanted to press charges. Me being the naive trusting guy that I am, I figured it was probably just some dumb neighbor kid doing dumb things and would grow out of it and become somewhat responsible. That or eventually become a guy who ties up women. Turns out it is someone older than a “kid” and this crime spree has been going on for weeks. Several charges have been filed and an arrest is pending. I don’t know how they know who it is, but they seem to know.

Then I got the speech about keeping things locked, writing down every fucking serial number from anything I have and “TO PREPARE FOR MORE – IT IS THE TIMES.”

Really? Geez. So here I am, listening to this 20 something officer talking to me as if I’m watching some 1950’s instructional film. The only thing missing was the choppy stuttering film effect from watching one of those films. Next I suppose we’ll be looking for commies.

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