Tuesday 6.7.11

I’m so far behind…

On the blog thing, that is. I started a draft last Friday. I was going to talk about Patriotic country/western music. Then… Sarah Palin re-wrote the history of Paul Revere. All the while, Anthony Weiner was yet to come forward with the truth on his sexting hobby. Add to that, we had grandkids over the weekend. So much going on. Where to begin?

We took Max to Mineral Point, WI for a little history and picnicking. We learned a little bit about the way things were when they were a booming little mining community. He was impressed with the model train set located inside the Railroad Museum.

Later that day when we returned home, we called the other grandkids over for a little grilling and backyard play. Everyone was disgustingly filthy and tired at the end of the evening. I got the bathtub ready for Max… he jumped in. I stepped out as my wife stepped in and finished up the bath.

Yesterday, Max’s mom came into the shop for a quick visit and told me that they had been at some local store the previous evening. Max had asked her if it would be ok if he got “his own” soap for when he was in the tub or shower. She was kind of puzzled and amused at the request, said ok and off they went to the soap isle. He stepped up to the “AXE” section and pointed out what he wanted. She suggested something else and let him smell test it to make sure it would be ok. He liked it, it was a deal. She asked why he wanted his own soap. He responded “Grandma says that Grandpa uses soap like that (not AXE, btw) and all the ladies like the way he smells.” The next morning he got up early and asked his mom if it would be ok to go take a shower before pre-school. He was looking forward to using his new soap so the girls at school “could start getting used to him better”… or something like that.

So, back to some of the other things going on. Sexting…

I do have a cell phone. I do not text. My phone does have a camera on it but I don’t know what to do with an image once it is taken. I guess there must be some function that would allow me to send the image somewhere but I just can’t figure out why I would ever need to use it. I have a computer for other stuff. Good enough for me. Not to be outdone by Anthony Weiner, I thought I better get caught up on the whole sexting thing…

I’ll get back to the other stuff soon…

One response

  1. joan

    You do smell nice, and that artists rendering looks about accurate 😀

    June 9, 2011 at 4:23 pm

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