Friday 7.22.11

Predator Hunter.

Wow, I learn something new every day. I had made some signs for a local sandwich shop today and was returning to the shop when I saw a sticker across the window of someone’s pickup truck. I was just going to say pickup and leave the truck part off. I thought “pickup” sounded more “down home like” but then added the word truck just to nail down my meaning. “Pickup” gives it that distinct flavor, not to be confused with a semi truck or the Schwann’s man. Now that this is clear, I will go on.

I make stickers for people all the time. Most are for small business people. More often than not this is the case since the economy took a shit a couple of years ago and the GM plant went out of the area. There was a lot more disposable income to be parted with for such delights as putting your current girlfriend’s name on the passenger door or naming your ride – just to do it. Old standbys are putting the word “Chevy” on your Chevy or the name of your favorite tractor model. Big differences between Green and Yellow and Red and White around these here parts. Once in a while there are more creative names for these machines. I suppose they somehow reflect the personality of the owner. There were a lot of “Lil’s” for a bit. Lil’ Toy, Daddy’s Lil’ Toy, Lil’ White Maggot (went on a garbage truck) Lil’ Outlaw… until the lil’ thing became over saturated. One guy had the words “Sperm Bubble” placed on his windshield for all to see. It was on some dinky little, or should I say Lil’ shit of a car and I assume no one was impressed in any way, shape or form.

Today it was PREDATOR HUNTER. I did not make this label, it was just there. My first thought was that it was kind of redundant. Is not a predator a hunter? Is not a hunter also a predator? Perhaps not. Perhaps the hunter is the one who hunts for sport while the predator is the one who “preds” without any distinction of sport or need. Just “preds.” It makes sense then that the predtor hunter is one who hunts predators. Yep.

So before I decided to even mention this, I looked it up. Damn, if there aren’t clubs and groups and associations all over the country that call themselves “Predator Hunters.” I feel more secure now knowing that if I run into a predator here in cheese land, like the ever elusive wild Holstein or Dreaded Tufted Tit Mouse I’ll feel confident that there is someone local who can assist me.

Changing directions, last week there was a major kink encounter taking place in Madison. Thinking I would have grandkids on the weekend, I did not go. Well, sort of. I had been in contact with a model from Toronto who was interested in shooting. Friday night would work. Here are a few results of Jacki and her new red shoes…


Look more closely, you’ll see the shoes.

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