Thursday 7.28.11

I must have been 6 or 7. Not having internet, video, gaming or any of that stuff, my activities usually were much less technical. Roaming the neighborhood in search of adventure was the norm. I usually did not follow boundaries such as sidewalks or fences. These were unnecessary obstacles.

One day on such an outing, I somehow found myself in a neighbor’s driveway. Pea gravel driveway, by the way. I noticed a yellow cat walking into their garage. I knew that this was not their cat, they had no cat. In fact, they had some ugly Pomeranian  mix  named Cuddles. I knew that this cat in this garage was not right and that if Cuddles was in the vicinity, it probably would not be good for the yellow cat.

I followed the cat into the garage. It had jumped up into the attic part of the garage which was really a bunch of boards that supported stuff… up and out of the way. The cat was at the edge, looking down and making a noise like it wanted off. Future hero that I was, I would rescue this cat. How hard could it be? It was just a cat.

I climbed up into the attic area and made my way over to the edge where the cat was located. The cat patiently waited for me to arrive. We spent a couple of seconds petting and then I figured I had better get to saving this cat. I would carry it down. Suddenly, it occurred to me that I had heard somewhere that cats always land on their feet. Most likely, I saw this on a cartoon… you know, when they fall a long way and stop in mid air – turn over and land. Being a young scientifically minded kind of person who would one day research many other odd and unique things, I decided to find out for myself.

I held the cat out from the edge and would drop it. It was probably 6 or 8 feet to the ground. As I let go, the fully clawed cat swung a wild paw and connected with the inside of one of my nostrils. I had released the cat entirely – and now it was dangling from my nostril and going about 1000 miles an hour in all directions. Somehow, I pushed the cat off and out of my nose. It must have landed 6 or 8 feet below but I can’t really say if I discovered any truth in the “landing on all fours” theory.

I went home with a lot of blood all over me and less of an appreciation for cats.

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