Thursday 8.17.11

I figured it out in a moment of clarity.

For the past week I’ve been heartedly – not whole and not half, don’t confine me to a specific amount – paying attention to the Iowa political wonders. My focus, of course, was more on Michele Bachmann than most of the other 346 candidates running for the Republican nomination. Yes, it was hard to keep my focus mainly on one of these rising stars but I did it. Heartedly.

I found the straw poll to be interesting. In order to vote for your favorite candidate, YOU pay 30 dollars for a ballot. Of course, someone else can buy your ballot. Not your vote, mind you… your ballot. Michele did just that. She purchased 6000 or so ballots and handed them out to people. She received 4832 votes to win the straw poll. Now, this does not mean that those 4823 votes were from those 6000 or so ballots she purchased, mind you THAT one as well. Along with your paid ballot you got an air conditioned place to sit in the shade, food, drink and Randy Travis. I read where Ron Paul had paid $31,000 for the best place to set up his tent at the place. Location matters. So… people are paying a shit load of money to get into this thing so they can spend a shit load more. Pawlenty… out. The writing was on the side of the tent.

But back to Bachmann. She was on every news talk show on Sunday morning telling us that “she is bringing that voice” and “fighting on the tip of the spear”…

Well, the voice I’m hearing is “I will say and do anything to get your vote… feed and shelter you, entertain you and even PAY for it.” Listening to this has been so confusing. THEN, a moment of clarity.

There’s someone in the Bachmann campaign group who is a real practical joker. Man, is this person ever smooth! No one else (Michele) has figured it out yet and I think this is the beautiful part – unless she catches on. Whoever this jokester is, they are responsible for feeding Michele with important information on how government works, what our history is, who is who and what is what. The thing is, the information is wrong. The beautiful part is that Michele is a master at retaining this bad information and staying ON message – and… she seems completely clueless that this is happening. She’s “fighting on the tip of the spear” to defend what she thinks she knows. Happy birthday, Elvis!

In other random happenings around here, work on the bridge continues.

Beyond that and back to pictures of tied up naked people, here is an inverted drum harness…

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