Saturday 8.21.11

Those who really know me know that I’m often referred to as Mr. Helpful. I always have a couple of cents to throw in to the idea bin once in a while. Often, that’s about what my opinion is really worth but hey… it’s still 2 cents worth.

I see these people on Craigslist advertising for photography and models. Some of the ads are fairly creative. I love the amateur photographer ads the most. So, being the helpful individual that I am, I decided to rewrite one of the ads I read this morning. Go ahead and use this one if you want.


Female nude/erotic models wanted.

I am considering becoming an amateur digital photographer. I am interested in female nude/erotic photography. Mostly just looking at it but I will consider purchasing an actual camera. If you are an adult woman, and interested in being photographed erotically, with and without clothes, by a guy who may or may not have an actual working camera, I hope you will contact me. I prefer older women, above the age of 35, but any adult woman is welcome. I’m not looking for anyone who resembles my Mom in any way. Really. So far, I have worked with over two models, some completely amateur, and some semiprofessional. Many models have even returned for things like lost cell phones and random garments.

If I was an amateur photographer with an actual camera, I would not have a studio. However, I would use thoughtful and creative lighting techniques with some home built and some professional equipment. I would work out of my home, or I could come to your location. I prefer a natural home setting with lots of garbage and debris lying about, as I want to capture the erotic nature of the model with as little staging as possible. A musty pet urine smell would certainly add to the ambiance.  Often the session theme consists of changing in and out of your wardrobe with some fully nude photos in between. Capturing the previous clothing indentations in your skin while you shimmy into the all too tight club dress for the next set is true art.

I will compensate models at a fixed rate per session which can be discussed by email or phone. I don’t want to post an actual rate here because you might confuse that with me actually paying you for this. I generally take two hours for each session. If I travel to your location, I will require some non-compensated time while I set up and break down my portable lighting – if I have any.

There is no sex and no photographer/model contact involved. The photos are for my personal use in my private man cave and no one but I and the model will see them. If the model wishes, I will make a CD copy of all images for her use. This usually takes about fifteen minutes to half an hour after the session. If I did indeed actually have a camera, I could expect to take over 300 images in a 2 hour session, so email of images is not practical.

For your safety and mine, models are welcome to bring a companion (i.e. bodyguard) to be present at the session. The companion of course will not participate in the session, but will be present during the entire time. This is not necessary, but always acceptable, as I want complete comfort and satisfaction of the model as well as myself. Some models say it is best to not bring a boyfriend or significant other as that can cause inhibition on the part of the model and/or photographer. It is however, completely up to the model as to whom to bring along if she desires a companion. I would prefer your companion to be a sandwich of some kind. It will remain out of the way and be able to provide you comfort on your long drive home.

This is not a solicitation for sex.

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