Tuesday 9.6.11

One of the things I usually tell my customers is that no matter how big or flashy I make their sign, someone will not see it. Here’s the proof of that…

This sign on my front door has been up for several years. Originally it was there when there was a restaurant next door. Customers would park there on Friday Fish Fry nights and I would not be able to get things in or out. The sign remains but the restaurant burned down in 2007.

The bridge work continues out front. These workers need to park somewhere. I guess this guy figured that this was as good as any other place.

I don’t mind if they are there for a short time, or even if they come in and ask if it would be ok to park there. This guy just went ahead and did it – all day. Well, known for placing not so nice notes around for people to read – even though in my mind they seem to make sense – I decided that in exchange for parking fees I would have this guy do some advertising for me.

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