Tuesday 9.13.11

Oh man, I shot another wedding.

I hope this info does not get out there. People might think I actually do this kind of thing. We took a little trip to Ohio over the weekend to attend, Officiate (her, not me) and shoot (me, not her) my sister-in-law’s wedding to a fairly cool fellow with a limited number of vowels in his name. I’ve always had a limited number of vowels in my own name, so I understand how you just have to be just a little extra cool to make up for it.

I know I did a bunch of running to try and get shots at many angles during the ceremony. I must have looked pretty crazy to a lot of those people. Looking over the shots, I still can’t quite figure out how I was able to shoot the ring exchange from both sides without mowing a bunch of people down in the process.

So, any of you getting the big idea that I do this kind of thing, think again. I don’t. Well, almost don’t.

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