Wednesday 9.28.11

This was actually out for about 17 minutes this morning…

More on my DMV visit. They really were not very busy. I walked in just behind some woman, so she was just ahead of me in line. There was one guy taking the written test over in the testing area (all on computers now… I remember doing this on paper a zillion years ago). There was one man standing at the counter. There were 3 or 4 DMV people working. That was it.

I had made my way to the first DMV person who told me to take a seat while she got ready to take my awesome picture. While I was sitting there it became very obvious that there was a loud conversation going on in the vicinity of the one man who was standing at the counter. He was dealing with something about a car he had purchased, perhaps plates or registration or something. The woman who was working with him was not shouting but her voice was very loud and very clear. She was helping him fill out some paperwork. I thought she seemed out of place helping with paperwork, she seemed more like a hostage negotiator or someone talking a guy off the ledge of a building. “SIR, YOU NEED TO FILL IN SECTION 3 AND THEN TELL ME WHERE YOU PURCHASED THE VEHICLE.” It was the same tone as “SIR, YOU NEED TO PUT DOWN THE GUN AND STEP AWAY FROM THE VICTIM.”

She continued on this way, very loud and pronounced. I was done with the picture and had to move to another area to wait for my number to be called. They have some mechanical voice guy who calls your number “NOW SERVING #C104!” Lucky me, I wound up getting this lady with the voice.

She would also do the eye test. I almost had to back up 10 or 15 steps so I could listen to her. Stepping back would adjust her volume. As I was standing there, some other woman suddenly appeared next to me with a bunch of envelopes. She was the daughter of someone who works part time at the DMV. Seems she was putting a birthday party together for her Dad and was passing out invitations. She must have had 15 or 20 in her hand. The loud voice woman started negotiating with her on how many invitations they would actually need. “WE WILL NOT NEED ALL OF THESE INVITATIONS. WE WILL ONLY NEED ABOUT 6.” The daughter tried to explain that they had made many extras and it would be ok if they were used for all the DMV people. “WE’RE DOWN ON PEOPLE RIGHT NOW, THE REST WILL JUST SIT THERE UNOPENED.”

All of this while I’m waiting. They got things figured out and the daughter went on her way. Eventually, I got a new license.

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