Monday 10.10.11

Columbus Day. I have discovered nothing of great importance today.

Saturday was a different story. Thursday or Friday last week I was moving things around in the shop and found my son’s old skateboard. Of course, every time I see anything I have to consider how I could use it in an image. Sometimes it goes like… how could I use this in an image with bondage? One of my good bondage pals happens to own one of those rubber gas mask deals. Ah-ha… a silly idea pops into my head. I contacted GBP (good bondage pal) and asked her if she was interested in experimenting with such a crazy idea. Lucky for me, some of my peeps are as crazy as I am. Here are some results…

Earlier in the week, another model named Emily came in to do a little biking…

One response

  1. Love the ones of Emily, she’s a fun model to work with.

    October 10, 2011 at 6:03 pm

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