Tuesday 10.18.11

Revisiting the post on Saturday 10.15.11…

I try to stay halfway informed about some of the political things going on in the area and elsewhere. I don’t ever claim to have a firm grip on a lot of it. There are things I completely miss, never hear about or understand. Yesterday I received a comment from someone on my Saturday post. I responded with a smart ass comment that was kind of in keeping with the joking around I was attempting to do in the original entry.

As I was doing that and since then, I’ve been wondering if I was a complete idiot. Ok, I labeled it “Occupy Wall Street”, even though I was in Madison, Wisconsin. In my head, I was under the impression that there was a global “Occupy” day going on in solidarity with the actual “Occupy Wall Street” protests that are about a month old. I do know that MoveOn.org had the scheduled rally for the time and place. I also know that they changed gears to work in conjunction with the OCCUPY movement. This, they did. So, sorry for the confusion. I should not have titled it Occupy Wall Street. For more info… here’s a better source.

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