Wednesday 10.26.11

The bridge is done.  It is not opened for travel yet though. The blacktop guys finished up this morning. The sod guys finished up as well. Some other guys did a little site clean up.

They started working on this thing on August 6th. One month and one day after the original start date… not considering they were going to build it last year and maybe even before that. City projects happen in mysterious ways I guess.

As the bridge was being built, many people came by on a regular basis to watch their tax dollars being spent. I imagine some were coming to see how they were being spent. Traffic during this construction was diverted around the blocks to the North and to the South. For those who wanted to avoid that huge inconvenience of actually driving around the detour, they just came though my property as well as the property of the VFW and the sandblaster guy out back. We all madde minor attempts to place obstacles in the way so these jokers would slow down a little. For some, this just became more of a challenge to see how fast they could blow through them all. Now that this thing is almost done, we’ll see if there’s a difference in the traffic flow on private property.

One of the engineers mentioned today that he’d like to see it stay closed another week to let the black top harden up. This is the time of year that many tractors with grain wagon trains come down the street and over the bridge on their way to the grain elevator and rail spur.

I will say that these bridge guys seemed to stay on task every day. There were maybe 2 days where rain might have been a problem. The only other times they were slow was when the City had to come in to do something. Imagine that… the City is actually here IN the City but it takes them a long time to get around to doing something sometimes.

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