Saturday 11.5.11

Bad at blogging…

I suck at it. I should be keeping track and updating on a regular basis but alas, I do not. November arrived and so far, the weather has been fairly pleasant for November. The bridge is open and traffic drives by as usual. I should see if the snow blower will start. Time change tomorrow. Walker recall has begun, sort of.

So… what the hell have I been up to? Some photography stuff, as usual. First off, one of my ABB’s (awesome bondage buddies) came in for a visit the other day. Seriously, this woman can come in a pose for like 6 pictures and they all rock. I come up with a stupid idea and propose it, she’s in and there you go… cool pictures. Here are some from the shoot.

So… what else? Ok, some head shots. I don’t do enough of these. So, here are a couple…

I also had to go out and look at a truck project today. Like usual, I forgot where this guy lives, so I had to do a little touring. I found myself passing by the mysterious and supposedly haunted Weary Road, so I decided to take it. How daring…

Beyond that… not much else going on. Waiting for snow and My daughter’s upcoming wedding this next week.

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  1. nice and creative!

    November 5, 2011 at 10:45 pm

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