Monday 11.28.11

A couple of weeks ago I made some lettering to advertise for a Christmas Tree lot just up the street. This local businessman has decided to sell some real live trees and make it kind of fun at the same time. All of the trees are pre-cut, so there’s no tramping out into the snowy woods with an axe or a saw. You park, walk into the lot and make a selection. Along with the season, he is offering up some treats as well as hot beverages. There’s a bon fire (well, a fire in a pit thing) and places where you can get under cover and out of the wind if needed. I hope it works out.

When I was a kid, we used to get real trees. We lived in a house with very high ceilings so these trees would be very tall and take up a lot of room. All of our decorations were in boxes in the attic. Out attic was kind of a third floor, there were stairs that went up there. The decorations were for the most part hand me downs from previous generations. There were also newer ornaments and stuff we made… popcorn or construction paper chains. These old ornaments… they were all wrapped in old crinkly tissue paper. Some were broken, some broken and fixed, some were okay. All of them were fragile and much of it was some kind of glass. It was kind of exciting to unwrap these treasures and see them again. I guess they were like old friends. Some had some meaning or history or back story. I don’t remember most of that anymore.

Since my Mother was a crafty person, she would get into one of her creative spurts and make a bunch of decorations. There were several wishbones from various turkeys that had been saved, cleaned and dried. These were somehow crafted into reindeer heads with the use of pipe cleaners, cotton balls and other random items. I’m sure glue and glitter played some important role. Perhaps we even helped with these… again I don’t recall.

Sometime after the New Year, it would all go away once again… back into the tissue, carefully packed back into the boxes and then back into the attic until the next year. As time moved on and I moved on, all of this eventually went away. I suppose some of this is still with my brother. Perhaps he has been able to hang on to some of that.

Max came to visit for a while on Thanksgiving day. While he was here, we (Max and I) decided that we should probably go on a walk and have an adventure. Selfishly, we left all of those grownups at home to yak about whatever it is grownups yak about. Max would lead this adventure. It was a brisk wind and not quite 50 degrees. We were headed to the nearby park. Once there, he took one trip down the slide and then started heading in another direction. I asked where he was going. He responded, “The shop!” So, off we went to the shop. It would be good to get out of the wind for a moment. While there, we took advantage of taking a couple of shots in the studio. It was a good time and we raced all the way home after.

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