Wednesday 12.14.11

Is it Wednesday? I guess I skipped a day in my huge LA adventure. Let me catch you up. Tuesday: More kinky pictures of kinky kinsters. This time from Anaheim. Two days in a row of models on time. It was too good to be true. Two days of not getting into trouble, or at the very least, questioned about what I was doing with that camera. Also too good to be true… and my luck eventually would change. Oh sure, here’s where you want to skip ahead to find out if I am now officially someone’s prison bitch. Nope. Sorry. I did not make it that far… yet.

Yesterday’s shoot went well, was easy going, involved coffee and an Italian restaurant. All good. Right up to the point where we were going to wrap it up, burn a cd and call for her ride to come pick her up. That’s where things went south. The car dude had vanished. Option A, I just keep her. Hell, this bed is so big I need gps to get out of it so I doubt if she would have taken up much room. Option B, I drive her home to Anaheim. After some quick negotiations with my boss, we went with option B. Sure… I’ll drive and hour or so away to Anaheim and rely only on the gps.

For those who don’t know, my gps is equipped with the voice of my 7 year old grandson, Jack. I trust that 7 year old Jack can get me through Los Angeles and down to Anaheim – and back without a hitch. So, off into the night I went. As I was dropping the model off she told me that if I stuck around for a few more minutes, I’d see the fireworks. Fireworks? Evidently I was in Disney’s back yard. I did not stay, Jack was directing me back to Calabasas.

It was late, around 10:15 when I got back to the hotel and found the number to call today’s model. No answer, I left a message. I did the same thing this morning. We had originally planned to start around 10:30. Some of this would depend on how much rain we had yesterday (none) because the Japanese Gardens in Van Nuys is closed 24 hours after a rain. She called me around 10 or later and would be on her way… from wherever she came from. I think it was around 12:15 or so when we got going. The Japanese Gardens was not far.

One of the things I was concerned about coming out here is having or not having a permit to shoot. The whole state and especially the LA area are very picky about letting someone with anything more than a point and shoot camera to take pictures. California is in such a financial shitter anyway… they don’t want some asshole from Wisconsin coming in here to take pictures which could possibly take revenue away from them. Like I’m making a gazzillion dollars… Ha.

Being fairly stealthy about what I’m doing with a camera is kind of the key strategy here. Walking around with the equivalent of a photo studio in my camera backpack is close to drawing attention. I think our problem today was more like… the model showed up in complete Geisha makeup, wig and kimono. Yeah, that will kind of do it. I have no idea what this girl really looks like other than a few distinctive tattoos.

Check out what the Japanese Gardens really is… the water reclamation plant. It really is a beautiful place and very peaceful. The cover of their brochure says: Suiho-en “Garden of water and fragrance.” I thought it kind of smelled like a water reclamation facility.  I guess that chemical smell is a fragrance too. Getting in you have to stop at a guard house and show your DL to some guard. Drive over the mine field of speed bumps and eventually you are at the gift building/admissions place. The sign on the door says something about not using a tripod and photos only if they are candid snapshots. We went in. Keep in mind that I’m hauling a mostly naked Geisha girl around in a car directed by my 7 year old grandson in a city zillions of miles away from home. We would fit right in.

The first thing I said was “Hello… we are here to take candid snapshots.” Really. I said that. The lady said we picked a good day for it and that the girl had certainly dressed for the place. I paid the admission, we got our sticker to say “we belong” and in we went. We should have asked for the “we belong for a while” stickers instead. We got as far as the red X on the map above. That was when a guy in a uniform and another guy in a button down shirt started coming my way. The guy in the button down had a piece of paper in his hand. My mind suggested “oh shit, not gonna be good.” Outwardly, all was good. I had shot 2 pictures of a pond and bamboo area. The girl was off looking at something else at the moment. The shirt guy said that the woman in the office was not real clear on the rules and that when I come in there with a girl in full makeup, it is pretty obvious I’m not taking candid snapshots. He asked if I would like to take a look at the permit fees which were on that piece of paper. Okay, let’s take a look. My options now were to pay something like three to seven hundred dollars for a permit or get the fuck out. I opted for the less expensive route.

Now what? Perhaps there’s some park around that has something Japanese looking… some tree or bush or sushi bar. We finally made our way out and towards a place I had visited on Sunday. On the way there, we found another place I had driven past and figured this would do. It did. Done.

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  1. No calls for bail money is a good thing!

    December 15, 2011 at 9:07 am

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