Sunday 12.25.11

Small things.

I’ve spent some time over the last few days just taking shots of small random small things. Bent wire, weird shapes and silly ideas. I think I have always been interested in seeing small things close up.

When my grandson, Max was smaller and spent more time with us he would often line up small toy cars on the kitchen table and then would press his eye and line of sight very low and close to the car. It was almost as if he was trying to get a worms eye view of the car from the table top. His head would often rest on the table. This was never a quick look. He would position himself and then study the vehicle. Sometimes he would reposition the car for a different look or another angle of view. Perhaps he saw things like this:

Watching him do this was very interesting to me because I could imagine what he was seeing beyond some toy car on the kitchen table. He was playing. His mind was working. He was studying shapes and hearing sounds and going off into his own imagination. No longer was this a toy car on a kitchen table. This was an adventure.  When the kids were younger and all at home we would sometimes all go see a movie. Most of the discussion on the way home was about how they were going to play it or re-enact that movie when we got home. Again, imagination would be at work.

Sometimes as an adult, I forget about how great it is to see things in a first time magical manner and really take the time to take a look at it. I say I because I would never presume that any of you reading this don’t always take time to enjoy silly little things like that.

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