Friday 12.30.11

Small random things. Forks, water, smoke, gas masks.

Okay… beyond the fancy pictures, I remembered that I had a couple of other random thoughts bouncing around in my head. Looking at a photo description on someone’s bondage image, they made the comment that the individual had “rocked” the image. Rocked. Rock. You rock. Man, you really rock. Yeah, I completely get it. It denotes some level of unique awesomeness. It seems like the cheap and easy way out of a complete explanation.

“That’s so rock and roll.” This should only really be used when you are listening and then commenting on actual rock and roll music or an actual stone and a freshly baked biscuit looking thing on which you spread butter or cinnamon apple butter. You don’t use this to describe other things and get away with it. “Look at that car… its SO rock and roll!” “Grandma got a new walker, talk about rock and roll!” Well, if Grandma rocks the wrong way she will certainly roll.

“At the end of the day.” I guess this is good for things like “in conclusion” or “to sum things up.” Using “at the end of the day” as part of every conversation you have is not very rock and roll. For this, you do not rock.

“Back in the day.” Usually used when telling exaggerating stories about things that have happened in the past or your personal past compared to things that are happening now…

“Gas prices went up again.”

“Well, BACK IN THE DAY we paid about 35 cents for a gallon of gas.”

“No, BACK IN THE DAY we walked.”

Okay, so which day was that, anyway?

I guess with the start of the new year I could resolve to not use these phrases as much, if at all. It is probably much easier for me to resolve to cringe more each time I hear them used.

One response

  1. Mmmm apple butter on a biscuit!!! I happen to know where to get both apple butter and biscuits.

    December 30, 2011 at 7:00 pm

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