Monday 1.9.12

More small stuff from the junk drawer.

This could have been better, sharper. The point of it is that other than a camera and a tripod and a little fiddling around, you can probably shoot stuff like this without having to invest in a crapload of nifty stuff. This was done inside under whatever a combination of ambient light from outside, the fluorescent lighting I have in here when the lights are turned on and a stupid little LED flashlight. In fact, I don’t think I used the LED light for this particular shot. What I did want to do here is show that the next time you start thinking you need a better studio set up to sell your crap on Ebay, think again. Assuming that most cameras have a timer, you can probably pull this one off. You might also check to see if either your lens or your camera has a “macro” setting.

Here is the entire studio:

If you look closely (top photo) you can see the difference in red from the surface and the background. Due to the shallow depth of field, the line tends to blend together. You can experiment with reflected light using a piece of paper to bounce light back into your object/subject. That’s it. Have fun.

One response

  1. Nerd Studio is the bestest thing EVER! I look forward to Saturday 😀

    January 9, 2012 at 7:58 pm

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