Saturday 1.14.12

Nerd Studio. A mini workshop so mini it almost never happened…

For some time I’ve been amazed, bothered and troubled from time to time at some of the “workshop” offerings in my general area. As a fan of pin-ups and scantily clad women, I can certainly understand the interest in participating in one which offers the chance to take pictures of the previously mentioned. You can arrange to participate in such an event where a model is available as the object of your lens. You book a block of time, arrive no earlier than 15 minutes prior to that time and have the opportunity to shoot that model. You pay by the hour. I can only assume that an arrangement has been made by parties involved that would compensate both the model and the person who has made this all possible.

My question has always been “what did you learn?” Perhaps nothing. Perhaps the opportunity to shoot some scantily clad individual was all that was expected. You get to see a live and in person scantily clad individual and take pictures of said individual. Perhaps the result is not important. What if it was important? What if you went to one of these things expecting to not only come out of it with quality images or images that are of a quality better than you were taking prior to you going to the workshop? What if you even had a better understanding of why the picture turned out the way it did or how you could plan a shot to have an image turn out a certain way? Did you get this from your workshop?

Recently, I’ve been attempting to shoot simple things in a simple manner. Past posts show crap I had laying around. I had questions of whether or not I could take random crap and shoot it in an interesting manner with very low tech stuff. Other than the camera, which I am able to manipulate using manual settings, everything else was stupid stuff, trial and error and some careful planning.

Today, Sarah came down for a mini mini workshop to shoot just this kind of stuff. She has a Canon 30d. She did bring a couple of props to shoot that have meaning to her (a recent trip to Croatia) but other than that it was only her camera, some parchment paper, some white typing paper, a tripod with a wired shutter release and a 60 watt bulb. All this was on the top of the table in the middle of the room.

We did not use the flash option on the strobe. The only light shining though the paper was the 60 watt bulb.

Sarah’s prop plus some editing:

So… that’s about it for the mini mini workshop. My hope with this kind of stuff is that if nothing else, it encourages people to try things. Go ahead and fail and then try again. You can take random crap that means something to you and shoot it like a pro without having to invest like a pro. Read a few camera magazines. Practice. If you’d like to sign up for the next mini mini workshop, let me know.

Oh… and what do I get out of practicing? Well, taking pictures of random crap does help me determine lighting and where to reflect light. Using small items on the top of a table in my spare time helps when I have an actual scantily clad individual to actually shoot in the actual studio…

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  1. I look forward to the next lesson at Nerd Studio! I’m already looking around for “regular junk” to shoot. …. and weren’t you supposed to put a link to my blog? 😛

    January 15, 2012 at 6:24 am

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