Friday 1.20.12

Cold. Snow. Dead truck. Winter… what a bitch.

But, in Georgetown, SC tomorrow… 72 and rainy. I won’t be there, I’ll still be digging out and paying my parking fine for the dead truck. People there will vote in the South Carolina primary.

Which candidate will win? We are down to four… Gingrich, Santorum, Romney and Paul. Herman Cain aka Stephen Tyrone Colbert if you want to count him as well. I have no inside info. The only info I have is what rattles around in my own head. My head really started rattling when I watched the recent debate.

Prior to the debate, ABC started to release clips about an interview with Newt’s #2 wife which would be aired later in the evening. The stories about how much of a douchebag Newt has been with his women in nothing new. The story starts in 1962 when 19 year old Newt marries his 26 year old first wife.

In the opening of the debate, CNN’s John King asked Newt about these allegations. Newt’s answer reminded me of something else. Whenever one of the grandkids gets worked up and emotional about something, we often try to deflect their attention to something else. Newt did the same damned thing. He turned on King and lambasted him for asking such a question and called it a despicable act. This got Newt 2, count them, TWO standing ovations. Standing ovations. What? Yeah. The crowd of Republicans attending the debate gave him a standing ovation. He never really did answer the question other than to say that friends from that time could back him up to say he had not asked for an open marriage while he was banging mistress and current wife #3.

Now hold on a sec. Here’s a guy who we all know has not been mister monogamous for a good number of years. He’s also a guy who tells you how important the sanctity of marriage is. He’s also a guy who in an interview on CBN stated that the reasons for this were that he loved his country so much and was working so hard that he DID do some things that were not right. He knew it and did it anyway. Luckily for Newt, there was an easy out. Newt’s God forgives everyone. Perhaps does not understand (Newt’s words) but does forgive. Let’s back this up and go for the real reason… it was not his love of country, it was his love for cunt. Yeah, I said it… the C word. The other C word is probably Cash. With enough of one C word, you can get some of the other C word. In the end, you ask forgiveness.

Now let’s take a look at something else here. He had friends from that time who can back him up. How does that work? Were those people in on whatever intimate conversation he was having with wife #2? “Marianne, I’d like to keep banging Callista during our marriage. She does not seem to mind and I figured I’d clue you in since you were mistress #2 (at least officially). Bob from across the street, would you like to weigh in on this?”

So, am I the only one who thought this was weird? The weird part is not the fact that he was doing what he has been doing for the last 50 years. The weird part is that a whole room full of moral majority marriage values Republicans got up and gave Newt two standing ovations for not answering a question and instead, turned it around to make the media AND President Obama take the blame for the despicable act of asking Newt to comment on the topic.

We are a bunch of fucking retards. (I mean no offense to the mentally challenged out there or people who enjoy fucking.)(Ok, probably too late as I used the C , F and R words in this post.)

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