Tuesday 1.24.12

Suspension! Hope had an idea. I had some rope. Her idea, a suspension including blood and rose petals to go along with some words from a song. I’m not much for blood stuff and have usually thought bloody images were kind of lame. Everyone who looks at anything, especially if they are an expert or even have basic knowledge of things will ask questions. Because of this, I sometimes back off of those ideas. For example, I’m not a gun expert. If I take a picture of someone holding a gun the wrong way, some gun person will call me on that. Same goes for a lot of things that people have knowledge about. So… blood. Why the blood? Is there a wound? Was she hurt? No, it was just some bottled Halloween blood poured on her and allowed to drizzle down her body. Why? To kind of go along with the lyric of the song:

Now you’re naked

Hung up to dry

dripping red roses

in a house full of flies.

A few variations:


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