Wednesday 2.1.12

Two One One Two…

What a let down. No GOP debate before the Nevada Caucus. Beyond that, only 4 more scheduled GOP debates at this point. Looks like I’ll have to find another hobby to occupy my time. In the meantime, I decided to see what a Newt moon base might look like…

I listened to Newt’s “I’m number Two!” Speech after the Florida primary. This dude will have a big, big busy day on inauguration day. He plans to remove 40% or more of whatever Obama has done in his term… in just a few short hours between getting sworn in and going to the balls that evening. What a guy.

Earlier tonight I was watching some of the political news programs and noticed that most all of the commercials that were playing were from oil companies. All of the ads had a similar theme: producing more safe, clean energy in or for the USA. Oil like what they’ll get out of this Keystone XL Pipeline. Maybe there IS a way to get Oil out of shit ground if we just tap it hard enough and spend enough money on it.

But here’s another idea: You Oil Companies have like all the fucking money in the world anyway. If any other kind of energy product came along and you were not able to regulate it, put a price on it and reap the profits from it… you’d be done. Done. Since you have all of the fucking money in the world, why not spend some of it on the research that actually WILL produce energy that will not cripple our planet, that won’t make us sick or make us glow in the dark. Do this and give back what you’ve taken from everyone for so long. Do it as a thank you. Do it so you won’t feel guilty about your three headed Grandson. Do it now before I figure it out all by myself and infect the entire planet with free fucking energy.

Imagine… not giving a shit about whether or not there’s Oil in the world that we need or are willing to die for. Imagine just getting up and doing your thing everyday without any of those issues. Flip a switch, something turns on. Press your foot on the pedal, it goes. You don’t even care anymore if the light inside the fridge does or does not go off when you close the door.

Just a thought.

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