Wednesday 2.8.12

February drags on.

I’ve been somewhat productive. Here was yesterday’s work out in the 28 or so degrees…

Prior to that, a little rally striping on a sled that had gone over a cliff a couple weeks ago…

And then, some paint mask work for one of our local “Barn Quilt” people…

Then… some racing dudes needed a label:


While I was minding my own business and just working away on things, someone decided that my Craigslist photography ad campaign was out of bounds. What? Yep. Emails telling me that a couple of my ads were flagged and removed. Flagged and removed! Really. Hey, this is not cool. I have generated tens of dollars from these ads and I need to eat. Well, I need to at least have a creative outlet from time to time. Flagged and removed!

The removed ads:

I must have offended some cat people. Suck it up you cat people. In response:

And for now, you can click it here with a couple of extra links. Maybe it was the GOP. I can’t see those guys as cat lovers though.

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