Thursday 2.9.12

Another ad DENIED!

As you can see, this is full of inappropriate content and links you to all kinds of subversive places on the internet. Children… don’t look at this! Oh, you Craigslist crusaders, you! I apologize for being such a criminal.


In other random topics: Sparky.

Sparky is our dog. We rescued him about 12 years ago. He is a Jack Russell with long legs. I can only guess that his brain is about the size of a pea. If not, it seems to be wired funny and I have a hard time figuring out what he’s thinking about at times. His life is not very exciting. He comes in to sleep in the winter. Other than that, he pretty much lives in the back yard. The back yard is his empire. Once in a while he will get a visit from some other random dog or the lady a couple doors down who likes to bring him snacks from time to time. He thinks he is the boss of those birds that occupy the pine tree. He gives utility workers, the mail man and the meter reader hell for getting too close to his empire. He is good with kids. He usually has two speeds: 100 miles an hour and sleeping.

Since he is older now, he is not as spry as he used to be. Jumping up onto the bed sometimes results in missing and banking off the side. He shakes it off and tries again. Once in a while I have to help. In his old age he must have to pee a lot. That or he just THINKS there’s something more exciting going on in the back yard and wants to get out. This is usually every 1.5 to 2 hours… all night long. Eventually, he just stays out.

He’s been here 12 years. He knows (or should by now) every square inch of that back yard. So why is it that every time this dog takes a crap, it is like the most miraculous and precious thing on earth? You know he has to take a crap… you can just tell. He has this body language thing going on. He prances around. He goes into “slight” hunch mode… then more prancing and spinning. He checks out this spot and that spot. More hunching. He’s going to shit. Nope… not so fast, this is not the perfect spot. This seems to go on for a while. Finally, he nails it. Horns go off and angels sing. He’s back to checking out the pine tree birds or maybe a nice nap under the porch.

What a dork.

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