Thursday 2.16.12… later that day

Last week I lettered a truck for a snow removal guy. He had another truck to do. Since there has not been a lot of snow this winter, he figured it would be a couple weeks or so until we got around to it. Surprise… they showed up yesterday to drop off the truck. Since I had not planned on them showing up this soon, I was short on material. No problemo… my sign supply place gets things here in one day.

Most of the time.

Today was the weirdo exception. I placed the order yesterday. The order was paid and good to go. They would ship the stuff with FedEx. Usually, they ship UPS. I get things form both places. The UPS man keeps an eye out for me… knows my routine and will come to my house if he does not find me here. I like the UPS man. I compliment him on his shorts in the summer months. FedEx… different situation. Usually it is a FedEx woman. She also knows my routine and although she has not tracked me down at home, she’s pretty good about getting my stuff to me. Anyone who knows me knows that usually, if my truck is here I am also here somewhere. I’m always pretty clear about what is going on. If people are coming and I may be out – I leave them a note. I’m installing a sign, I’m at the hardware store, I’m taking pictures…

Today, I had a dental appointment at 11:00. I left to go home and brush up around 10:40. I left a note:

I figured it was clear enough. I would be back at 1:00. I was. I was working up the material that I had for this truck job. I got to a point where I figured I had done about all I could do without the order being here. I cleaned up the truck and proceeded to apply as much as I had ready to go. All I had to do now was wait for the other stuff to arrive. I was working out back. My truck was along the building… an indication that I was here. The front door was unlocked and the lights were on. It would be obvious to most people that there was someone around.

There must be a new UPS person…

Of course, the minute I left for the dentist (well not exactly that minute) FedEx shows up. They leave a note saying they will be back. Great. I was out back lettering the truck and when I had run out of what I had ready, I came back in around 3:30. I noticed these other stickers on the door. Shit.

I called UPS thinking that maybe I could get a message to the driver. If they were still in the area, maybe I could get my stuff. Nope, they don’t have that. Shit again.

So… I scraped up whatever I could find to finish up the project and MAYBE I’ll see FedEx tomorrow.

That was my day.


The follow-up:

I received a call from FedEx early Friday morning before I got to work. I returned the call to someone in some specialty customer service department to get a voice mail box. I left a message. I called again a couple hours later to leave another message. I tried again in a bit and did not leave a message. At some point in the afternoon, it dawned on me that maybe I should try to talk to someone else. Calling them… similar to calling the phone or cable or I suppose any number of other places now, you get some robot. Remember when you got the voice messages that asked you to press a button? Now you still get this choice but you also get coaching on what to ask and it can all be done by speech recognition. “OK, tell me a little about why you are calling today.” Like this robot has some personality or something and we are casually discussing things over a cup of coffee.

“You could tell me things like, I need to upgrade my service or, there are bees in my desk drawer.” “Hmm, ok, I did not quite understand what you just said, did you say there’s a tree on your dinosaur?”

The answer to everything is “operator.” “Ok… I can help you with that. Please stay on the line and I’ll get the next available person.” Musak or another message telling me how important I am. If I am really feeling down some days, I should just call this place so they can build me up. I suppose it would be much cheaper than some phone sex line.

Finally, I get some person. I explain my deal, give her my special numbers and tell her I’ve left messages for the guy who called earlier in the morning. “They only work at night. You won’t get them during the day and since this is Friday… not back until Monday.”

Shit. Ok… so where’s my stuff? You have a truck out today, yes? “The stuff is here. You received 3 notices and now it goes to this special super secret area.” She also claims this is odd as they usually take 3 days to try this… not do it all in one. Perhaps we can get it on our Saturday delivery truck. I gave her every possible number to reach me. The driver called me on Saturday morning and FINALLY… we have our order. Looks like I can go back to work now.

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