Friday 2.17.12


I recently changed my phone and internet service over to cable. The difference in price (so far) makes it worth it. I have everything I had before minus caller ID and plus a faster internet service. I miss the caller ID… I think I’ll have to change the plan a little to include it. The decision was made at home to also change over to cable phone. Along with this came some kind of upgrade to our cable television.

I hardly ever watch the television. I watch a lot of things at home, but mostly on the PC. The TV sits in the other room. As our television watching (which I don’t usually do) has evolved, it has also become more complicated. We need a table in the room just to support all of these devices which operate our fantastic audio/video system…

But with this new cable upgrade… we received a new remote which will (I guess) operate everything. I’m guessing it will start my truck and make me a sandwich as well, I have not found those buttons yet. NOW, things are very simple:

It used to be this way:

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  1. Scott Ellington

    I guess it’s just to much to ask that (after 40-odd years of persistent blundering) SOMEbody might finally design a universal remote control that’s, I don’t know, shaped like an oversized .22 target pistol, with buttons you can locate by touch in the dark, buttons that work in combination to produce the desired effect from a device that’s large enough and sufficiently substantial (maybe with an always-on LED) so the damned thing doesn’t become impossible to find whenever it isn’t already in your hand.
    A pistol comes to mind simply because of the single-handed functionality, and the slight sense of vague satisfaction derived from effecting meaningful change while aiming at your “entertainment” center and at endlessly-squabblng conservatives.

    February 24, 2012 at 9:05 pm

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