Friday 3.2.12

In yesterday’s bloggish rant or rantish blog, I brought up the idea that the Repubs, or the Conservative spin on things for any and everything has to come down to “the failed leadership, Chicago style politics and agenda of the Obama administration.”  Throw in a couple other catch phrases there: Secular and broken Washington. Somehow they squeeze it all in. They manage to legitimize using this stuff on things like the economy, jobs, religion, birth control, women’s rights,  gas prices, heating prices, medical bills, insurance, taxes, as well as other things that seem to be kind of a stretch… The Clint Eastwood Chrysler commercial for one.

It has also recently been suggested that Sponge Bob Square Pants is pushing a global warming agenda. The recent Muppet movie was under attack. Now, Fox business douche Lou Dobbs has gone after Dr. Suess. Well, not Dr. Suess so much as he’s gone after liberal Hollywood film makers who “get away with and push” a liberal agenda, indoctrinating our youth. He suggests the new movie “Lorax” does this very thing. The blame: Obama.

You’ve got to be shitting me, Lou.

Maybe not Lou. Maybe there’s a whole team of dorks over there at Fox blaming everything on the current administration. “This coffee tastes like weasel piss!” Obama! “Bob took my parking spot!” Obama! “Mary stopped me at second base when I was sexually harassing her in the coat room!” OBAMA!

Lou, maybe you are right. Maybe someone decided that the message in the movie “Lorax” is one that should be told. Without proper consideration for the environment, without SOME regulation to protect our planet… big business and/or industry could have a negative impact on the earth if not specific parts of the earth where humans, plants and animals live. There’s your damn message. What’s so terrible about that? Seems to make some sense. Stories about “doing the wrong thing” and there being “consequences” for those actions go back a lot farther than Ted  Geisel. What about Aesop? Or, how about any of the Grimm tales? All of these are a device to promote a message, communicated to you in a manner that is interesting and makes a point. If done correctly, you get it and are able to pass the info on to someone else.

The thing about what they did and are doing compared to you and what you are doing… they knew how to write. They knew how to be interesting. They could tell you the same damn thing 50 different ways. You tell 50 different things with the same catch phrases and sound bites.

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