Thursday 3.1.12

Ok, enough of this gas price crap. Also, enough of every damned thing in the world the result of “what you get when you have failed leadership with Chicago style politics because Washington is broken due to the current administration.” Bullshit. You know, every one of these people who say Washington is broken have been in politics forever… are they taking any credit for breaking Washington? No. Damn finger pointers.

Screw all this oil. All my life I have heard that we need to quit depending on foreign oil and that we need to develop new technology or sources of fuel or energy. Time to quit talking about this and do it. Oil companies, excuse me but you can all get fucked. If you come up with THE solution (which you have not done yet because you have this fuck you attitude… and your attitude is personally directed at me, you assholes) and market THAT, I’m sure you’ll still find a way to keep us screwed and paying you.

So, I could not take it anymore. I had to devise a workable plan. Feel free to work off this rough sketch but don’t forget to send me a real big check with a crap load of digits on it. That or put me down in Wiki-history for solving the problem.

Here you go, bitches.

As an added incentive, the sensors all look kind of phalic just to get the ladies out on the road more. It should also keep Santorum off the road – ohhh, too scary.

One response

  1. Faith

    It’s a lovely plan, and very… interesting… except for the part that as far as I know, motion sensors actually take power to use, as it’s not like some small amount of air something flowing differently sets them off, and there isn’t a way to make more energy off from something than what’s given off, only to decrease it. The only way to “amplify” that energy would be to use a more conductive material and less limiters. It would actually be more of a power sink than it would be to actually help anything. And you have to keep lesbians in mind; I doubt they’d like to drive by phallic objects at all. P:

    March 19, 2012 at 12:11 am

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