Sunday 3.4.12

Douche Bag.

Perhaps, douchebag. You’d think it was a bag of douche. Douche is actually the act, meaning to cleanse something. The bag is the carrier for the solution used to cleanse whatever you are cleansing. If you want the Urban Dictionary version of douchebag, it goes like this: Someone who has surpassed the levels of jerk and asshole, however not yet reached fucker or motherfucker. Not to be confused with douche. I think we’ve missed the opportunity to add Rush Limbaugh to that definition as his recent rant on the whole Sandra Fluke situation has placed him in the area of reached fucker or motherfucker.

Once again, one of these people in the media says something that goes beyond something that should have been said at all. It was a low blow and a personal attack on this woman. It went on for a couple of days or so until the heat generated by his remarks caused such an uproar that sponsors began to pull out and he issued an “apology.” An Apology. Right. There’s no remorse there at all. In fact, he’s really telling all of us how WE are not understanding that he was using humor or satire or entertainment to make his point. In the end, we are idiots and probably should apologize to Rush.

I think that when it comes down to it, money was going to be an issue here. I would imagine his ratings went up over the last few days… his comments sure put The Rush Limbaugh Show in the spotlight on news around the world. Perhaps there are some limits though. Perhaps there are some advertisers who think keeping their customers is more important than being associated with the negative hurtful spewing of some fat loudmouth with a radio show. There’s this money thing going on. Advertisers want money. People buy their products and they make money. If people refuse to buy products that are associated with Rush, the advertisers lose money. Common sense and “staying in business” says don’t advertise with Rush when he is being a dick. The people at the network also want money so in the end they have Rush give a fake apology in order to try to fix things or at least put a band-aid on the gash which is the mouth of Rush.

So here’s what I don’t understand. All of these people understand that in order to generate revenue or to prevent a LOSS of revenue, they must do certain things, like issue a fake apology. They get it. They also must look at the math and survive as a business. If they understand that, then why don’t they understand this?…

There’s some math for you, Rush. With those savings, just think about how much more money we can spend on shit like wars, lobbying, golden parachutes, presidential campaigns and such. Of course, Rush, everything I just mentioned was done in good fun in a humorous manner and for entertainment purposes only to make a point. If you don’t understand this then you have a problem and can apologize to me for not understanding. Also, I mean absolutely no offense to the actual makers of douche bags. I have to wonder if the people who actually manufacture douche bags and the writers for The Rush Limbaugh Show can sort of claim to produce the same product. Perhaps they should advertise on his show. This way, you could get all of your douche bags and douchebags in one easy location.

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