Tuesday 3.6.12

Facebook. I am never on it much but once in a while I do check it out. A very hot woman I know posts crap that I say once in a while. I was in there looking at some of those responses. While scrolling down the page, I happened to come across something interesting. There was a post asking if I knew who someone named Joseph Kony was. I did not.

I go on and on about a lot of stuff here that means actually very little. My rantings about stupid stuff may be kind of humorous at times, maybe not. I swear a lot. I do it for shock value. It is not much different than your average 14 year old way of looking at things. It is a way for me to goof off. This Joseph Kony thing is nothing like that at all.

We claim to (want to) live in a civilized world with zero tolerance for certain things. There are things we will NOT tolerate, and there are still a lot of things we do. Sometimes people seem to go overboard on the ZERO part especially when it comes to some kid taking an aspirin to school or some kid drawing a questionable picture or some other thing that KIDS do because they are kids.

This guy, Joseph Kony, is no kid. How the world can tolerate what this dude does, and has been doing for the last 26 years is beyond me. For all of the “crap” we complain about here in the US, compared to what this guy is getting away with and how those people have to live in fear… we’ve got it SO made. So made.

If you are interested in seeing a real asshole at work, check this 30 minute film out.


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