Friday 3.23.12

Nothing very exciting today other than the dentist. Ohh… fun stuff. Here’s a tip, Dental people, when you are working on people with facial hair check once in a while to see if you’ve wrapped and twisted that hair into some of your mechanical devices. The tears were not because I was so happy with the result of whatever State girls basketball game was playing in the background. Thanks. After a couple of hours, I had working lips once more.

Other than that, I did a few pictures last night with some newly dyed rope…

Tonight, as I was going through some of those images, I could hear something in the room with me. I wondered if it was a mouse. I thought I had eliminated the entire mouse gang a few months ago. Perhaps it was one of those giant horse flies stuck under some paper in the room. No… I sprayed for them too and things have been good. I continued to go through pictures. Once again… a noise. I looked down to my right and noticed something moving. It was a toad.

I have no idea how he snuck in here. I was going to go put him outside and then I thought I should at least take a picture first…

He’s out the door and helping me knock down the skeeters later this Summer. What a champ.

One response

  1. hkpuss

    Now that’s just creepy. The toad, not the knockout in rope.

    March 27, 2012 at 2:15 pm

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