Saturday 4.7.12

STUPID SIMPLE! Or… why I have hope for the future.

I’m a relic. Well… a young relic. Due the kind of work I did when I was a high school kid and in the years following, most of my relationships with people were with a lot of other relics of the time. These were the people who would describe to me the harsh winter of 1936… because they were there. Also, since this was before the ability to check for bullshit on the web, I had to kind of go with what they were saying. In any case… I heard the same stories over and over.

This was back in the day (I dislike the phrase “back in the day” with a passion) when people worked on their own broken down shit. Of course, the staples for fixing anything were duct tape, nails and WD40.

WD40. I wonder how much of this stuff I’ve purchased in my lifetime. You can never have enough. In most of the years I purchased WD40, it was almost always the same. I say almost because they did change the design of the can and some of the nozzles over the years. The one common thing was always this: you bought a can of this miracle juice and it always had a red plastic straw/tube thing taped to the side of the can.

Eventually, you would knock the tube out of the nozzle and it was gone. Now, you just had the wide spray sans red tube thing. I’m guessing I’ve purchased WD40 for about 40 years.

Now, they have changed it…

Whoa………….. what a great idea! This makes me wonder why we remained so in the dark about such an innovation in those 40 years!  Are we smarter now? Maybe it just takes that one guy in the engineering department along with a great sales pitch to make it happen. And… it really works. It is not some half-assed lame idea that is poorly made. So… excellent, WD40 people! Good job.

I’m going to go ahead and guess that this idea got started by some dude’s wife or girlfriend. She probably took about 2.5 seconds to look it over and simply said “Why don’t you just make a nozzle that does this?” The engineer guy will never really come out and admit that, but I will. I recently  made a sign for someone… my wife came with me to install it. I pulled everything out of the truck only to realize I hade made the sign too long. The ends were cut in a specific pattern and all of the lettering was glued in place. As I swore and started putting all of my shit back into the truck, she simply said “You could cut off both ends and make it work.”

No, hold on… that makes too much sense and sounds too easy. Besides that, I don’t want to waste material on both ends. Well, in reality, this was the way to go. I would not have to remove and replace all of the lettering. I also would not have one weird piece of material laying around the shop until I decide to throw it out 6 years from now.

Today, the guy with the sleigh (previous post) came to pick it up. He had brought the sleigh and the drop heel shaft separately. When picking this all up, it would not all fit into the truck. The sleigh fit just fine but the shaft was too long. We thought about it for a few seconds when his wife simply said “just let it hang over the back of the tail gate.”

No, hold on… too simple and easy. We did not even have to use any duct tape or anything like that. Thing is… she was right.

So, in summary,… you know all of this other shit we have to deal with… the economy, jobs, gas prices, oil consumption and production ? Ask your wife.


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  1. sometimes we women say some smart things…

    April 7, 2012 at 6:21 pm

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