Monday 4.16.12

I know I’m no master word smith and I also know that my style of writing is probably lame compared to those people who actually do write things. Most of the time, I actually give a little thought to what I will write about. I may have heard some interesting news during the day and felt the need to add my own spin. Maybe I need to vent about some silly thing. Read back a few posts and this is pretty easy to figure out.

The thing is, I know that this blog is right here and available to me any time I feel like saying something. Beyond that, in order for it to “read” correctly, it kind of has to have a pattern and make sense. The basics on this are to have a beginning, a middle and an end. The end should be a summary or make a point or provide you with some twist you did not expect making it interesting and leaving you with the feeling that I actually did say something – and that you could understand what I said. This does not mean you have to agree with anything I said.

Where am I going with this? There are many places on the internet where you can speak to people. You can use a blog or have a website where you write some kind of article. You can network with people through professional sites (that are not really professional sites but perhaps you want to come off as something of a professional). Some of the model/photographer sites are like this. Any a-hole can promote themselves. The unfortunate thing is, they often sound like a-holes. I don’t understand how anyone can think that text/code/speak can be taken seriously. You want to sound like you know something? Write like you know something, damn it.

Please allow me to explain something. You need to learn how and when to use the word “then.” Here’s an example: “I would rather wear these shoes then those shoes.” What you meant was “I would rather wear these shoes THAN those shoes.” If you do what you say in the first example, you will be wearing both pairs of shoes. First you will wear these THEN you will wear those… idiot. But that’s not what really got me going on this today. I read a message from some photographer to a model that read:

hey grl wud lv 2 wk w u

Holy crap, really? You’d love to work with that girl but you have so very little time in your day that you can’t write the whole damn thing out? Ok, I’ll bite and respond for her…

hey dmfkr did u lrn hw 2 rite n skl? wt u gt wn ur prnts m8d wuz zro IQ. lrn hw 2 fkn spl. dnt cm wthn 1000 ft f m dr, tard.

Yeah, ok… it was just really a rant on something I read. I did take a few minutes to figure out what I was going to say… I also used more than my thumbs to do it.

In other news… some shots with Kayla from the other day:

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  1. I know. Right?!

    April 17, 2012 at 7:44 am

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