Monday 4.23.12

Any car dudes reading this blog? I went in for new tires the other day. I figured things would be simple… I want tires, so, give me tires. Nooo… in order to get the super secret tire deal, you must first join the super secret tire club – at a cost which probably equals what it would have cost me if I had just purchased 4 tires and did NOT join the secret club.

I did get a special card. I don’t recall the secret handshake though.

As I sat there for 1.5 hours waiting, 3 things happened.

1. I had given the guy my cell phone number in case he needed to call me if I was not around. I had decided to just stay there and read through some magazines. The TV was on. There was a lady to my right who was constantly one her phone. Some other dude decided to bring his entire office to finish up some work. He chose the table to my immediate left and when he was not working, he was on HIS phone or up to get more coffee from the complimentary carafe. At some point, I heard a phone ring. It kept ringing. In my head I was wondering why someone did not pick up that damn phone.

Then, of course, I realized that the ring was coming from my jacket pocket. I fetched it, looked at it and realized it was the tire guy. I did not answer it… I looked over to the other end of the room and saw the guy talking on his phone. I got up and walked over to him as he was leaving me a message. The end of his message was something like “ok, you are standing next to me so I’ll hang up.

I need to know my ring tone better.

2. I had a putrid cup of coffee.

3. As things were wrapping up, the tire guy came out to tell me it would only be a couple more minutes. He said that they were putting the spare back in place – which is under the back end of the pickup box, held in place by a cable. He told me that the guy was having some problems and wondered if there was some trick. Not that I was aware of, in fact it seemed to work just fine the previous day when I had to change my flat tire.

He then came out to say they could not figure it out – that there must be a part missing in the thing that turns the cable. They would just put the spare in the “trunk” as he called it (in the box of the truck). Fine, let me pay the bill and get the fuck out of here. I drove home but had to stop at the shop to pick up the lawn mower. When I stopped, I opened the tailgate. There was the spare. Next to the spare was this thing:

THE MYSTERY PART! I have no idea what this is. The cylindrical thing has no obvious way to attach to anything else. There is a rusted out U-clamp on the end of the metal strap that is connected to the cylinder. This was just in my truck, next to the spare. No explanation.

So, I wondered if I could figure out where it went. That clamp had to be around something round… a pipe or something. No obvious missing items under there – I checked… a couple of times. They did not say anything about an EXTRA part, they suggested I had a missing part (as many others probably have as well). Did they just throw some random part into my truck to screw with my mind? What the hell is that?

Beyond that, Sarah and I went to shoot random pictures at a nearby lake on Sunday morning. Photography in the great outdoors… what a deal! You have to be careful here, though… the woods are enchanted.

If you keep an eye out, you can see all of the new plants making their spring debut. Sarah knew all of the names of all of the plants. I can only remember something about wild garlic and not eating a second year crop because it would be too bitter. All I could find was the very elusive plastic 20 oz. coke bottle.

The picnic tables here are kind of wild and unruly. They have to keep them on a chain.

Sarah got much too close to this one and decided to tease it as it ran itself out to the end and tried to eat her…

There were bugs…

and dandelions… a sure sign of spring…

After I came back, I decided to shoot more dandelions in the studio…

Another edition of Nerd Studio completed.

2 responses

  1. I LOVE Nerd Studio! And… why didn’t you tell me that the picnic table was coming after me?

    April 24, 2012 at 7:55 am

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