Wednesday 5.16.12

Hey kids! Watch as I write this without name calling and profanity! I know, hard to believe and you are already betting I can’t do it. Let’s go…

Since posting this and this, a few things have happened. Best news: one of those abused women has made it public. Instead of letting this individual simply get away with it, she’s speaking out. I’m pretty pleased about this. I can only begin to imagine how difficult getting through this is going to be.

In other news, the photographer has reached out to some of his “people” to add “do not work with JSV” to their portfolios. I was reading though some posts the other day that were talking about creepy photographer issues. When I clicked on a couple of those model portfolios to see what their issues were, I was surprised to see MY name as someone to NOT work with. No explanations… message them for details. Hmm.

I looked at these two portfolios and wondered if I had blown my mind completely. I don’t think I even remember either one of these people. For a second or two I figured I was just old and had lost it, but then I realized I did not even know these people… I have never met them. Seeing these portfolios was the first time I was ever aware that they were even on the planet. As I investigated, I discovered that each had worked with the sexual abusing photographer, the person at the root of this tale.

I am ruing the day, evidently. I guess this is his retaliation and a way to black list me or something. Whatever.

In the meantime… I shot more small silly things.

I did it! NO swearing!

3 responses

  1. We need to do something with PVC!

    May 16, 2012 at 2:11 pm

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  3. We live in country that cries “FREEDOM” at every misstep or ill-conceived notion, like writers who think they can write just because they can read, or photographers who call themselves “professional” because they have an expensive camera. Call me a communist, but I favor censorship. Censorship at the masses level. A lot less crap to wade through.

    I’m all in favor of taking out the no-hope-of-ever-having-any skill to make room for the gifted or craft-worthy. Those that use the name of Art to further their private, personal interests, especially at the expense of others, should have no play on the public stage. All worms squirm when exposed to sunlight. Banish him to the Artic where there’s endless daylight.

    May 17, 2012 at 4:54 pm

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