Friday 5.18.12

How do you see yourself? How do you see other things?

One of the interesting things I have discovered taking pictures of people and other things is that we see things a certain way. (I probably did not discover this but it is something I have observed)

Every day I get up, take a shower and stand in view of myself in the bathroom mirror when toweling off. No, not a huge turn on… so we can get that one out of the way and shoot for the point of my story. I see myself the same way all of the time. I’m reversed. I decide that this is a better side than that. I’m used to seeing myself like that.

Then, someone takes a picture of me. I see it and think, “Wow, do I really look like THAT?” The picture – to me – does not look like me.

When I take pictures of people, I often see them for the first and only time. Sometimes I see them again. I will come to my own conclusions of how this person looks. I will shoot a series of images, look through them and decide which ones, to me, are the most striking. I will also give those people the opportunity to decide which images they would like me to clean up and retouch if needed. Often, I am surprised by their choices. Then, I realize that this is how they are most comfortable seeing themselves.

We all view things differently.

This is a series of images of the exact same piece of curled up PVC.

To some, it looks better or more interesting from a certain angle, with certain lighting. For others, they are more interested in another view. All of the images are different but the subject is exactly the same. Of course, this piece of PVC does not think it looks stupid in any of these pictures.

And… some other things.

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