Friday 6.15.12

Actually, I did not do this today. I did this quite a while ago but never got around to sharing it. Okay, okay… no more keeping it all to myself. What I’m about to show you may change your life, save you time and money and allow you to to become a better person. Well, it will save you some money so there’s that.

I’ve seen devices like this in camera/photography magazines advertised for anywhere from $30 to $130 dollaroos. Yeah, you don’t need to spend that unless you are the kind of person who takes great pride in having a more expensive kit. Sure, you bought the more expensive version… but does it work any better? I can make this thing for less than 3 or 4 bucks. You probably have most of everything in your junk drawer. What you DO need to find is a tarp clip. That one goes for $2.09. Ace Hardware 4 packs of these vary and will result in your actual clip somewhere between $1.50 and $2.00.

Beyond that, you need some string. I use the nylon stuff because I can play with fire and melt the ends. This stops the ends from fraying. You’ll also need a lighter and a pair of scissors.

And there you go. If you notice the angle of the teeth on this clip, they point backwards. There are other clips that point directly outward, which would indent the cord maybe too much. I like these… they hold in place and you don’t have to crank it down super tight. I also DO like the clips with the screw knob like this one… I’m more in control. Exactly how it should be… me in control. (insert maniacal laugh here)

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