Wednesday 7.4.12

Freaking freakishly hot.

4th of July!  How exciting. How hot. How hot? Damn hot. Hot enough that the city placed a ban on all fireworks other than the sanctioned fireworks that were shot over the local lake. Along with that was a ban on grilling. At one point, this is what my truck was telling me:

We started off the day heading for the big parade. Along the way, we met many moist and fragrant villagers. All were patiently waiting for the start of the parade which was supposed to start at 9:30am. Well, things started rolling by us around 10 or after. The usuals were there… the school band or two, the local floats, the politicians, some local businesses and a plethora of stiff arm waving queens. No, we were not at the gay pride parade, by the way. There were a couple of local queens who were NOT doing the pageant wave… they were actually waving. In this heat I was sure they’d be spent by the time they got to the end.

Also, there were people in full costume. Smokey The Bear, what a wuss… riding in the fire department ATV:

Along with Smokey there was the Subway Sandwich dude, someone dressed up as a crash helmet, a bird character for the local baseball team and this guy:

This old lady had no sympathy for these punks… she was here in ’36 when it was this hot without air conditioning. She was behind a horse in that parade.

I think they all survived. After, we decided to go entertain ourselves in the comfort of the movie theater and catch up on that most patriotic of all Americans: Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter. In 3-d, no less. I think I’ll blame my falling asleep during the bloodshed on a combination of heat, my new glasses and the 3-d glasses over them. Most intense when doing it like that. So intense, I nodded off multiple times.

Finally, we took a walk down to the park at the end of the block to catch a glimpse of the fireworks. Along the way I noticed some guy violating the “no grilling” ban.

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