Monday 7.30.12

Wow… been a while since I blogged! Guess I better get on the stick here.
Okay, let’s start with this… I got a haircut last week. I usually get my hair styled (yeah, right) at that fancy-assed Cost Cutters. I know, pretty high brow. As I walked up to the entrance there was some old guy (ok, since I’m also an old guy this guy was an older guy) sitting on the bench out front. I figured he was in line for a cut or waiting for his wife to get done. The girl behind the desk was on the phone scheduling an appointment for the next day. She gave me the “hold on just a moment” finger. Another gal came up and took my name and info. She was kind of attractive… slim, blond. Yeah, I could do this. She took the info and walked away. Moments later, some drill sergeant/lady wrestler/big rig driving looking woman came over and called my name. She’d be doing my head. Damn it.

As all this was happening, I was noticing the pictures of the hair styles all over the walls. Everything looked clean and fresh, light and airy. Those cuts looked great! So how come every person working in this place has some bizzaro world/Jimmy Neutron/spiked anime type of hair-do? You could get hurt if you fell on that.

The woman carved me up and I was out. Another hair cut done.

Beyond that, I’ve been doing a series of images where I make everyone throw the same outfit on before they leave… if I remember. One size does not quite fit all but what the hell, these take only a minute or two and boom, there you are.

11 so far…

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