Wednesday 8.15.12

I know the first two to be absolutely correct. Number three is a bit of a stretch as I don’t really work every fucking day. Beyond that, as I more rapidly approach that time in my own life when I am a senior, this discussion of the 716 billion dollars taken out of Medicare is interesting and confusing. The source of that number evidently comes from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). In the Affordable Health Care Act, taking 716 billion dollars away means taking it away from health care providers who will not need that money assuming that most Americans will be covered by insurance. In the Ryan plan, he eliminates The Affordable Health Care Act but leaves the cuts. That money instead goes to “reduce the deficit” and into “other things”… things which have not been made clear. Romney plans to use his own plan, whatever that is. Prior to Ryan being the VP pick Romney had stated that he would sign the Ryan plan if it reached his desk as President. Today he made a statement that said he would put the money back. The only thing that is clear to me about Romney’s plan is that he does not have a clear plan.

As a former class president and prom king I urge you to research facts on this 716 billion dollar situation.

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