Monday 8.20.12

The large variety of things you can do with a dead rabbit, or… Upside down naked girls in rope. I’ll write about both. Okay, I’ll write about one and post pictures of the other. Since anything dead is usually not so cool, unless it is beef and cooked just right, I’ll write about the dead rabbit and show you the other stuff. See, there’s a little for everyone in this blog. A funky homespun story about animal instinct and pictures that have nothing to do with the other. You can choose your poison.

The large variety of things you can do with a dead rabbit.

I probably mentioned our dog, Sparky, in some previous post. I might have even discussed lawn mowing. Today I mention it all over again. I mowed the lawn on Saturday. With this record hot summer lawn mowing has not been much of a deal at all. In fact, I probably went longer than normal in between mowings due to no rain and no growth. The only things that did seem to do well were a few random weeds around the play structure in the back yard as well as my fantastic killer marigolds.

Since we don’t have many kids hanging out at the play structure anymore, I had been dumping lawn clippings into the bottom of the thing figuring it would become sort of compost-like. Well, It turned out to be just a bunch of lawn clippings that matted together a little.

Usually when I mow the lawn Sparky suddenly decides that there are a million things to do. I don’t know if he thinks he is helping me or if he is just showing off in some way. When I get to the back yard – his domain – the excitement begins. There’s the running back and forth combined with almost getting in my way, chasing birds out of the pine tree, eating as much grass as possible (something he never does unless it is time to mow) and then for the grand finale – leaving a pig pile of steamy dog shit somewhere in my path. Not the kind you can pick up and move or kick out of the way… the loose stuff. It is just the right kind to get jammed in the textured wheels of the mower or still has the consistency to fly if you hit it. Nice. Thanks sparky.

Saturday was different. Sparky is about 13 or 14 years old. In his advanced years, like me, he must figure there are things to accomplish in life before checking out. He is a dog. He has dog skills. He usually never uses his dog skills. Like I mentioned, Saturday was different. As I walked into the back yard area with the mower, Sparky was not picking out a place to take a shit. He was at the end of his cable run and actually pointing into the bottom of the play structure. Yeah, like a dog who points. Leaning into it a little… still and stealthy with one paw tucked up under his chest. I was so proud. Finally, our dog is a dog.

I shut off the mower and walked over to where he was pointing. I parted the growth that had not needed rain and saw an opening in the old grass clippings. I started to dig into the hole when all of a sudden a very small rabbit ran out – and into the waiting jaws of sparky. There was one little peep or squeak and then Sparky was doing a victory dance. Two more siblings ran out and went in other directions. The neighbor was sitting on his back porch and had witnessed the whole thing. “Yep… He’s quick”, said the neighbor. I continued mowing.

Sparky had used the jaws of death with success. Now the question was what to do with the spoils. As I mowed, he must have had other dog instincts kick in telling him to bury this thing for later. He ran all over the yard making attempts to dig a hole. It was almost as bad as not knowing where to take a shit in my mowing path. He tried several places in the yard, a couple under the porch and even under the pine tree. Those damn birds might take his dead rabbit! What to do, what to do? A couple of times I thought that maybe he was just seasoning it as he would throw it into the dirt and then pick it up and go to another location. There were times where he would get into an area where the clippings from the mower were covering the fresh kill. Dog spit plus dirt and garnished with fresh grass clippings… mmm, mm.

Eventually, he just ate the damn thing. Hide, meat, bones and all. He looked satisfied. The whole circle of life thing flashed into my head as I thought about how Sparky would eventually crap this rabbit back out into the yard where the rabbits live and eat the grass, which is now fertilized by Sparky shitting rabbits. My mind was almost blown. As I was on the last little patch of lawn to mow, I noticed one of the rabbit siblings sitting over near the neighbor’s garage. It was looking right at me. I turned to see Sparky taking a last bite of his brother or sister. I imagine Sparky was pretty happy to do Dog things on Saturday.


In other photo-ish things… it has been quite some time since I added any new bondage work. For some reason, everything seems to be something sideways or upside down.

Thanks to Zara, Kate and Karly for a lot of hard work.

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