Wednesday 8.22.12

I’ve recently been making attempts to watch “The Newsroom” on HBO. If you have not watched this program, it is about a network news program that would be similar to a Fox or MSNBC news program meaning that it sort of leans one way or the other. From what I’ve seen, it leans left while trying to say it is leaning towards truth. I say it this way because I know that people on the right will say it certainly leans left and it does in fact seem to suggest the news truth the way I understand it.

The show deals with actual news over the last couple of years and also includes some of the spicy back story fiction stuff to try to make the show more interesting. The overwhelming message I get is that I was here when all of whatever is going on on the show was actually going on… the oil rig spill in the gulf, the Madison Protests, Anthony Weiner, killing Bin Laden. I was actually paying attention to all of that stuff. I thought it was interesting that these writers could just go back into recent history – important recent history – and write a show around it.

Which made me realize that this is kind of what I do here on this blog. Write about shit that happens. Well, sometimes. Some of it sounds pretty crazy and none of it makes the national news. Sometimes all I have to do is just sit here and wait for interesting things to happen.

Interesting thing from Yesterday, 8.20.12: For a lot of you it was the ongoing Todd Akin remarks about “legitimate rape” and the backlash from people all over the country. He actually said: “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down. But let’s assume that maybe that didn’t work or something. I think there should be some punishment, but the punishment ought to be on the rapist and not attacking the child.”

Somewhere in there Todd and Todd’s people leave out the victim of this crime. Last week the big political talking point was the 716 billion dollars that was taken, saved, not spent or whatever you would like to call it. We better really keep up here because as these weeks wind down to the election, there will be so many different directions we will go that we will almost only vaguely remember what happened last week or this week during the campaign.

But, that’s not the news I got as I just sat here waiting for shit to happen. Oh, no. There’s a lady who lives up the street from me. I see her out and about once in a while usually driving too fast down a child infested street or just walking down the middle of the street as she inspects whatever the neighbors are doing. Annoying. Beyond that, in the 12 or 13 years I’ve been in town, people have discussed her here and there and she has actually stopped in to see me a few times for various reasons. Usually, those reasons are something that results in my mental confirmation that this individual is one who can actually be labeled as “bat shit crazy.”

Monday was no exception. I saw her rickety old truck pull up outside and was both curious and dreading her opening the door all at the same time. She came in. She looked haggered and like she was taking a break from running a marathon. Her clothes are ill fitting and look as if they were pulled out from under a car seat. Her hair is gray and kind of a long version of short. Just enough that when she runs her hand through her hair, her hair stays in that position – usually sticking up and looking crazy.

She started telling a story about some property on some adjacent street. It took several minutes to realize that she was telling me that she had a rental property available and that if I knew of anyone looking to let them know she had something available. I wondered if she was announcing this up and down the block or if I was the lucky recipient of this valuable news.

As she rambled on, she looked at the wall here in the shop where I have a few head shots of various people. “Do you know this Asian girl?” she asked as she pointed to two pictures on the wall. The pictures were actually of two different people… one Korean, the other Japanese. The ages of the girls are different by probably at least 5 or 6 years. One image showed a tattoo in what I assume to be Korean on the girl’s back. “Do you know what this tattoo says?” she asked. “No”, I replied, “I don’t read Korean.”

Then, we were back to discussing her properties and the problems with drunks and possible fire hazards as well as some tenant with diabetes who had left with an outstanding electric bill. Every one of her tenants seemed like the absolute last person you’d ever want as a tenant. She then summed things up by telling me that the property just behind her house was empty for about a week every year or so and this was a perfect opportunity for her to walk around her back yard naked.

Oh, fucking thank you for that image. Hey, just like the real news… I don’t make this stuff up.

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