Wednesday 8.29.12

As summer winds down things heat up down South. On the 7 year anniversary of Katrina, New Orleans gets kicked in the nuts by Hurricane Isaac. NOLA has had 7 years to build a better nut cup, we’ll see how it works out. Things also heated up in Florida with the Republican National Convention.

I watched a little. When I turned it on, Nikki Haley was speaking and then Ann Romney talked about love. After, Chris Christie gave the keynote address where he told us it was not about love… it was about respect. Since he’s from New Jersey, I imagine this to be kind of a mob mentality kind of thing. I’m only guessing. Other than this, whoever thought the wavy blue screen behind Christie was a good idea… they should be fired right now. I was nauseous watching that even without hearing the speech.

I also watched our Governor Scott Walker speak. I’ve seen enough Scott Walker speeches. These are kind of like a word jumble… all of the same words only spoken in a slightly different order. It is the same god-damned speech every time other than a story about some new real person in the state who encountered some difficulty and was able to overcome it with the aid of tools put into place by none other than Scott Walker.

When you are not the party in office, you say these things:

Washington is broken. (Who broke it and what exactly is broken?)

We will take America Back. (Back from who? Where is America being held hostage? This is a job for Liam Neeson)


Every candidate’s parent or grandparent, usually the multibillionaires, came from the worst shit hole on the face of the earth in the roughest, toughest conditions.

Women are really running things. Moms are in control of shaping our young men and husbands into the leaders we need. (Not your daughters. Perhaps part of the reason Moms seem kind of bitchy at times is because some politician fucked around with their health care and this is Mom’s revenge, you asshole)

The Republicans get it done. (Get what done? You proclaimed to be the party of NO. If getting nothing done was in fact getting something done then I suppose you did in fact get nothing done, which is something. I’m nauseous again.)

Whoever is talking is telling the truth. (until you go to factcheck or snopes)

The entire country is in a shit storm of joblessness, high unemployment, bad economic times, questionable military strength, high fuel prices, soon to be high food prices, shitty health care, failing social programs and probably just plain bad contestants on Dancing with the Stars. Which brings us to the statement I often chuckle about…

America is the greatest country on the planet. USA, USA! Say it with me!

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