Wednesday 10.4.12

Ladders of Opportunity, debates and other silly things.

Again, it has been a while since I posted anything. In fact, checking my WordPress dashboard, I seem to get more hits on this thing when I do not post anything. Sorry, folks… stuff’s been happening so I figured I was due.

I waited patiently for the Presidential Debates to start. I did a pre-nap in my chair in preparation so I could stay awake for 90 minutes in a row. Finally, it was debate time. We watched it on C-Span and tuned in a few minutes early so we could catch Jim Lehrer giving last minute instructions to the audience. All was good. I was fully expecting Romney to get his ass handed to him with all of the gaffes and re-re-boots over the last few weeks.

I was wrong. Romney came into the debate quite prepared. He remained cool, he sounded factual. Obama, on the other hand seemed to get spanked on this first debate. As it was ending up, I felt this sickening in my gut as I remembered that these guys were talking to the American people. The American people, for the most part, don’t care whether or not there are any real facts involved. We run on the last great sound bite and go for the underdog. We want someone who looks strong and this is the key – Romney looked strong.

Listening to the pundits immediately after the the debate, all of them – and the ones I listened to are primarily on the liberal side of things – considered Obama the loser. Today and tonight, these same pundits are dissecting how a debate really works, how debates have worked historically, have looked at the facts and non facts of the debate and are trying to cover the fact that Mitt Romney – the guy who up to this point had looked like some rich prick who does not really give a shit about anyone besides his own kind, the uber rich, actually was able to stand there with Obama and appear to school the professor.

That is what we will remember. Well, not all of us. Those of us who have made the decision to vote one way or the other probably will do just that. A debate will make no difference. For many of those on the fence, they may go to the strong side. Everyone likes a winner. People are willing to take a chance, even if that chance is not really in their best interest.

The GOP, if they are smart, will take this and run for the finish line. They will hope like hell that there are not many more gaffes and no more hidden videos that will find their way to You-Tube. If the Dems are smart, they will wake the fuck up and go on the attack. No more Mister Nice Democrat. Time to get back in the game.

Beyond that, a couple other things:

1. You have 90 minutes. Don’t eat up my valuable mind making up time with extra words you don’t need to use. Example: Ladders of Opportunity. Obama mentioned this more than once. We get ladders of opportunity. This, to me sounded like crafty catch words used by our wonderful Governor Walker when he insisted over and over and over again that instead of cutting collective bargaining, he had “given schools the tool they need.” Bullshit. An opportunity is an opportunity not a LADDER of opportunity. Is a ladder of opportunity a fancier or better opportunity? No, it is just another couple of words attached to “OPPORTUNITY” and does not mean a god damn thing other than you used up more of my time. I used to use this trick in high school when writing some paper that required a certain number of words. Aren’t becomes are not, We’ll becomes we will. You aren’t fooling anyone with this shit.

2. Shipping jobs overseas or Outsourcing or Offshoring or moving jobs overseas…

We live in the world of politically correctness. Saying what a thing is is not as kind as giving it some name or term that glosses things over enough to make it more tolerable. When we say we “shipped” or “Outsourced”  or “Moved” jobs it almost sounds as if you and your job was relocated in some way. Who would not want to visit overseas? Sounds kind of like an adventure! No. Your job is not shipped anywhere. Your job is not Outsourced or Moved. Your job, in FACT, is no longer a job at all. It is done, ended, killed, eliminated. You have been fucked.

Jobs in the United States come to an END. Companies, like Bain, invest in businesses in other countries where there are no labor laws as you might find here in our country. They employ what one might consider to be slave labor at slave wages. Benefits are not available, people barely survive. Working this way in our country is intolerable. Jobs in the United States COST too much money. If a company can spend less on benefits for employees, it can retain more in profits. If it retains more in profits, it can invest in similar slave labor businesses in other countries and the cycle continues until eventually some of these people wake up and stop allowing rich fucks like Romney to take advantage of the underprivileged.

Why THIS is not explained in one of these debates, I do not know. Too scary, I suppose. We certainly don’t want to think that we perpetuate this cycle by purchasing our favorite cheap appliances. Summing this up, rich companies like Bain invest in companies overseas. They get tax breaks for doing this. They eliminate the ability for this job to be performed in the United States. They take advantage of foreign workforces and in the end exploit human beings world wide for their own gain.

So, today… Barack Obama came to Madison. I was too far back to see any visible wounds from last night’s ass kicking. He mentioned his concern that a Romney doppelganger had attended the debate last night. After, he went through the talking points that at this point I find rather boring. In his talking points, he is correct… but that is not the thing. The THING is, people don’t want to hear the same old stuff time and time again, even though he is right. We are a country of right now, instant gratification, American Idol, Dancing with the Stars and other trivial shit that makes no real difference in how you are going to wind up paying more for health care or are denied having an abortion after your drunk uncle finally gets you pregnant after years of abuse.

Take a look back at the front runners during the GOP debates and primaries. Every week or so there was a new front runner. Eventually, most were weeded out by saying something stupid, forgetting what to say, finding out some kinky stuff from their past or whatever. For a time though… they were hot shit. Right now, because of last night’s debate and because we have a short term memory, Romney is hot shit. We have 4 weeks to make up for last night’s Dem mistake.


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