Wednesday 10.10.12

Inside the studio it is pretty dark. No windows, shooting area walls are painted black. You can hear things outside but you can’t see what is going on. Almost everyone asks the same question: “Is that thunder? It was nice when I came in here.”

No, it is not thunder. It is, in fact, vehicles driving across the craptastic railroad crossing just outside… a little to the East. When there are no cars whizzing past you can see random wheel covers that have been knocked off… littering the area. Kind hearted passersby will prop them up against a post in an attempt to reunite them with their owners.

A few weeks ago there was supposed to be some kind of meeting at city hall to discuss what to do. I think the city was ready to do it themselves but thats always a touchy situation where the railroad is concerned… they were here first – that is THEIR property. I went to the meeting only to find out it had been cancelled. Later, I would find out that some sort of agreement had been reached. The railroad would go ahead and fix the crossing.

One day last week a small group of railroad guys stopped and evaluated the area. Total time… maybe 20 minutes. I mention that because it seemed kind of funny to me that this group of 3 or 4 guys could just stand in the road and point at things in that amount of time… and then they were evidently good to go. In the many different years of road construction here in the downtown area, everything was surveyed over and over and over again. The surveys were surveyed and then just for good measure, someone came and did it all over again. I’m thinking that there is SO MUCH survey information that one day, if someone wanted to do it, this entire area could be recreated anywhere pebble for pebble.

Today (about a week later) was day 2 of the project.

This phase of the project took 45 minutes to an hour.

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  1. you said “craptastic”…. ha!!

    October 11, 2012 at 12:23 pm

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