Thursday 10.11.12

10.11.12… cool.

Last night I answered a robo-call ready to do the nasty grumpy old get off my lawn routine. No chance, it was a recorded message. The message was from the National Democratic Party informing me that there would be a Vice Presidential debate party tonight. It told me where and suggested that one of the celebs in attendance would be CSI NY’s Hill Harper. I reported the call-plus-info to my favorite female person and we decided that this seemed kind of do-able. Hill Harper plays a forensic dude on CSI NY and we’ve enjoyed his character on the show.

We arrived at the UAW hall in Janesville… home of VP candidate Paul Ryan. The Obama Bus was sitting along side the building and we walked in to see what was going on. We figured if it was lame, we could always go home and watch this from the couch.

Inside, there was much milling about. We walked back outside to ask people what the plan was and that was about the time that the Obama Bus spewed people out and in our direction. I did not recognize anyone other than Hill Harper but soon discovered I had just said a warm hello and shook hands with Chris Walla of Death Cab for Cutie.

Inside, everything was pretty informal. Eventually, Hill Harper wandered in our direction (or maybe we wandered in his direction) and we all made out. Well, not really. I did the paparazzi thing a little. I mentioned that we enjoyed him on CSI… he talked about some new programming changes. Then, as usual, I did not shut up. Being the smart ass that I am (and feeling somewhat confident as I discovered I am slightly larger than Hill Harper) I decided to tell him a story. Yes, I was about to steal some of his valuable time, just as I’m stealing yours right now.

In a post a while ago I mentioned that some men had dug up an old outhouse a couple weeks ago. Yesterday, this same group of people were at it again digging up another one in the same yard. Those people who lived in that little house next door must have been full of shit. Since Hill Harper plays a forensic guy I told him about the Outhouse Archeologists and suggested that perhaps they were trying to dig up some shit on Paul Ryan for tonight’s debate (as Paul Ryan is from this area). Ha, ha ha. Ok, pretty lame.

We went on to eat burgers and brats and watch people. The group from the bus would speak a little and then we would all watch the fights, er… debate.

Hill Harper came over to us to ask us our names. I kind of thought that was cool. The bus people began to speak… I was encouraged to get into a better camera position. Hill was the last to speak prior to the debate. He started off by mentioning us and then retold the story I had told him. Fuck! Really?

Then… the debate. I felt pretty good about it. I felt MUCH better about this one than I did at the end of the first Presidential debate. I think Ryan got Biden’d pretty good. I had wished that Joe had used the words “punk” and “boy” a few times. That would have been icing on the cake.

Then… as I started writing this, I received a message from another favorite female providing me with information she knew I would not be able to live without:

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