Thursday 11.1.12

It has been a little while since posting. I understand there was a little storm on the East coast… holy crap. I’m wondering about something as this unfolds… they are saying that that are up to 20 stories BELOW ground level in Manhattan. If that area is flooded… if there were any communities of underground people living down there… did they get out?

In other things, I decided to construct an addition to the heat box: a pre-heater. The idea is that I pre-warm the cold air coming out of the building before it goes into the heat box. During the day – in sunshine at outside temps of 32 or so I’m getting 76 – 83 or more deoending on how fast I run the fan. Overcast is blowing around 56. With a pre-heater I hope to gain a few degrees. Not quite finished yet but here’s the idea:

Other than a few clamps, dryer vent, caulk and connectors everything was built from crap around the shop. Yeah, I built that.

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