Sunday 11.4.12

Mom would have been 71 today. Happy Birthday.

Beyond that, an observation…

Several years ago there used to be commercials on television for feminine hygiene products. Perhaps there still are but I have not viewed one in a while. These commercials would indicate all of the things a woman could do while using these products: tennis, swimming, horseback riding. You name it, you could do it. It was almost like you could do things that you could not even do before using the product. Perhaps you want to learn the cello… well, just stick one of these in the right place and there you go. There were even commercials which showed a daughter talking to her mother about how to “feel fresh.” Yeah.

So, tonight I watched this week’s episode of “The Walking Dead.” AMC is not commercial free. Commercial time came around and this time it was for Viagra. I think they resurrected the people who wrote those feminine hygiene ads. With Viagra you can do all kinds of man things… fish, hike, drive a cool car, jog. Evidently these are the things you can do after you take Viagra for your erectile dysfunction… so you can do all of these man things with a raging hard-on. There were absolutely no women in the commercial at all. I guess showing the real possibilities when using that product are out of the question.

Being a helpful individual, I’ll offer this test script:

Ron: Doctor, I’m having a little trouble keeping my dick hard. We’ve tried a few things but my Johnson just won’t tango like the old days.

Doctor: Here’s a prescription for our little blue helper.

Sue: Ron, I’d like to fuck but that limp piece of shit just does not do it for me anymore.

Ron: I know what you mean. It was kind of embarrassing. That’s why I did the man thing and saw my doctor. I now have the little blue helper. In fact, I took one about 40 minutes ago. Let’s see how it worked.

Sue: Holy sheeeiiittt!, Ron! That’s a fuck stick! Let’s get it on.

Ron: Are you kidding? This is for hiking and jogging and was going to borrow the neighbor’s new sports car.

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