Tuesday 11.6.12 Part 2

It has been quite some time since anyone issued me a report card. I did get one in the mail yesterday… and I did not even know I had been graded! I was. The liberal group MoveOn sent vote scores to 12 million “potential progressive voters” this week as part of its get-out-the-vote effort.

I did feel the need to respond:


Update on this rant about the report card…

Okay, home response was “why did you have to be so mean to MoveOn.org??… they do such good things!” Perhaps they do, perhaps they do.

Perhaps the conservative equivalent also does “good” things. The part that is difficult is trying to weed out real issues that really concern people from the avalanche of propaganda bullshit that is nothing more than an attempt to slicker you into agreeing with them. What is truth? What is made up? In this case, the fact that you did or did not vote is public record – yes. The fact that someone purposely used that information to manipulate me to go vote is what bothers me.

They did it on purpose. Someone crunched some numbers somewhere or questioned a group somewhere and made a choice to go ahead with this manipulative tactic. Add this to television advertising, web advertising, billboards, letters in the mail, radio ads, stump speeches, debates… and the gazillion other ways that people will give me the big brother treatment.

It means that if this was an affective device then people from all parties who run campaigns in the future – with almost unlimited amounts of money – will look for other means to manipulate you to vote or manipulate how you vote.

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